Sunshine Pediatrics: The Story Behind Our Name

Sunshine Pediatrics: The Story Behind Our Name

Join me as I reveal the story behind our pediatric clinic's name. When I embarked on the path of establishing a Pediatric Direct Primary Clinic, I began the search for the perfect name. My goal was to encapsulate my mission of practicing medicine with joy, fostering positive doctor-patient relationships, and being a beacon of hope for every family my practice serves. In this blog post, I’ll share the inspiration and meaning behind the name that radiates our practice's spirit: “Sunshine Pediatrics.”

Embracing the Unique Spirit of Every Child
My training years as a pediatrician opened my eyes to the extraordinary uniqueness of each child, each with their own distinct personality, talents, and dreams. Becoming a mother of two provided a whole new perspective on the sheer delight children bring and the pivotal role they play in our lives.

I believe that a child’s innocence, curiosity, and boundless energy infuse vitality into our lives, reminding us of the beauty and wonders that surround us. Through their unique perspectives and unbridled enthusiasm, we, as parents and caregivers, are challenged to see the world anew and cultivate an environment that nurtures their potential. My goal is for Sunshine Pediatrics to reflect those genuine qualities of joy and positivity that children bring into our lives.

Breaking Barriers
When I decided to embrace the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model, I knew it was the right path to provide easily accessible, high-quality care to children and their families. This decision meant breaking free from the constraints of the insurance-based model I had always practiced in, and it turned out to be a life-changing decision, both personally and professionally.

Nature’s Inspiration: Guiding Light and Positivity
Starting Sunshine Pediatrics was a transformative decision that not only aligned with my vision but also drew inspiration from nature itself. Nature has always been my guiding light during challenging times, filling my spirit with inspiration and positivity.

Since I started practicing yoga a few years ago, “Sun Salutation” has become a cherished daily routine. Each morning, the sun’s gentle embrace inspires me to awaken my body and mind, filling my heart with gratitude and setting the tone for a day infused with positivity and possibility.

For over a decade, driving every day to Kokomo for my previous job, I discovered the joy of witnessing beautiful sunrises and mesmerizing sunsets across the green fields in summer and snow-covered plains in winter. These moments, my constant source of inspiration, fill me with a sense of awe and remind me of the powerful ray of hope that the Sun brings.

Inspired by the radiant warmth and nurturing energy of the Sun, I decided to name my clinic “Sunshine Pediatrics.”

Just as the Sun brings light, hope, and positivity into our lives, we at Sunshine Pediatrics aspire to serve children and their families by creating an atmosphere of brightness, comfort, and optimism and build a strong relationship filled with compassion.

“Sunshine Pediatrics: A ray of hope for kids and families “

Few Fun Facts in the Process:

  • The day I decided on the name Sunshine Pediatrics and went grocery shopping, I found this “Hello Sunshine” doormat. What a coincidence!
  • - In the spirit of the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child," the creation of our practice's logo became a heartwarming family affair. Here is a glimpse of my children's involvement and their invaluable contributions to our logo design.
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