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Sick Visits

When you or your child isn’t feeling well, our expert Pediatric Doctors are here to provide prompt, comprehensive care. Our sick visits are designed to address immediate health concerns, whether it’s a fever, cold, or any other illness. We prioritize your well-being, offering timely and efficient appointments to get you or your child on the path to recovery. Trust us to provide the expert care and attention you need when you’re under the weather. Your health is our priority.

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At Sunshine Pediatrics, we swiftly address your health concerns, providing efficient care for you or your child when feeling unwell. For prompt attention and comprehensive care, trust our pediatric sick visit services during times of illness.

If you are in search of a Newborn Pediatrician Near you, we also provide specialized care for your newborn, including Infant Urgent Care and Newborn Home Visits.

Trust us to deliver expert care and attention when you’re under the weather. As a Primary Care Pediatrics, your health is our top priority, and our team is committed to providing the compassionate support you need during times of illness.

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Prioritize your family’s health. Book an appointment for your child’s well-being and experience personalized care. Your journey to a healthier, happier family starts with a simple click. Schedule with us today and invest in your loved ones’ wellness. We are your trusted children's hospital in Indiana.

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Your child’s health journey deserves a trusted partner. Explore the unique benefits that set Sunshine Pediatrics apart, ensuring personalized care, accessibility, and a holistic approach to well-being.

Sore throat

Cough & whizzing


Ear pain

Flu like symptoms

Stomach issues


Minor injuries

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Suture removal



POC testing




Stomach issues

Sore throat

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