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Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.

My young patients lovingly call me Dr.Sam !!

Meet Dr Samatha Madhavarapu,MD

Welcome to Sunshine Pediatrics! I’m Dr. Samatha Madhavarapu, a board-certified Pediatrician with over 10 years of experience serving the Indiana community. I hail from India, where I completed my medical schooling before moving to the USA. After pursuing a Masters in Community Health in Minnesota, I completed my Pediatric Residency training in New York.

During my residency, I had the opportunity to work in an outpatient continuity clinic, which deepened my understanding of the transformative power of quality primary care for children and their families. It was during this time that I discovered my true passion for pediatric primary care.

Throughout my career, I have worked in a fee-for-service model that involved extensive administrative tasks, insurance dictating aspects of patient care, and a focus on patient volume rather than personalized care. The Covid-19 pandemic deepened my longing for increased patient and parent contact time, particularly considering the emerging mental health crisis among children and teenagers. Determined to provide accessible and convenient healthcare, I decided to establish my own Direct Primary Care model clinic. This allows me to prioritize extended time with patients, addressing their unique needs and providing a personalized approach to care.

I strongly believe in a holistic approach to health, incorporating healthy lifestyle choices such as yoga, meditation, nutritious food, physical activity, and nurturing strong relationships.

Being a vegetarian by choice, practicing Hatha Yoga is an integral part of my daily routine. In my free time, I enjoy engaging in arts and crafts with my kids, biking on the Monon trail, playing tennis, and exploring nature through travel.


  • Medical school

    Gandhi Medical College, India.

  • Masters in community health

    Minnesota State University.

  • Pediatric residency

    St. Barnabas Hospital, New York.

Board certification

  • Certified

    American Board of Pediatrics.


What parents say

Hear What Our Families Say: Real Stories, Real Impact. Discover the firsthand experiences of our valued families and the positive transformations in their children’s health and well-being at Sunshine Pediatrics.

Magaly Jones

My son has been sick for more than a week, so I decide to give Dr. Sam a call and she immediately make an appointment for my baby on the same day. when she saw him she knew what’s wrong with him and gave me the right medicine for him. She is professional, Affordable and the best Pediatrician in town.

Laurel Sepanski

Real Stories, Real Impact. Discover the firsthand experiences of our valued families and the positive transformations in their children’s health and well-being. Sunshine Pediatrics is where your child's health is in the expert hands of our caring Westfield pediatric doctor.

Sruthi Reddy

We had an really good experience with Sunshine Pediatrics!!! Dr. Sam is very knowledgeable and is very good in what she does . My 7 yr old wasn't feeling well and it was on Sunday, We all know how urgent care works, i called Sunshine Pediatrics, got an appointment immediately. she is very interactive and asks the right questions and she is also very friendly with children. I was very pleased with her service. I strongly recommend and will reach out to her for any future pediatric care.

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