Navigating immigration medical exams: your comprehensive guide (i-693)

Immigration medical exams (i-693)

Can Insurance Cover the Cost?
Unfortunately, most insurance plans do not cover immigration medical exams as they are not considered medically necessary. As our office lacks the ability to bill insurance companies, the exam must be paid for out of pocket.

Payment Options
We accept cash or credit card payments for your convenience.

The Exam Process
During your initial appointment, we’ll collect information about your identity, vaccinations, and medical history. This includes vital signs, a general physical exam, and any necessary blood tests. If you require vaccinations, we’ll inform you of the specific ones needed, which can be administered in-office or at a nearby pharmacy.

Lab Results and Follow-Up
Test results typically take 4-5 days. We’ll review them and contact you if further action is needed. If you test positive for any screenings, additional visits may be required for treatment and follow-up. If you have a chronic medical condition, a supporting letter may be necessary from your primary care doctor or specialist.

Completion and Pickup
Upon receiving normal lab results and required vaccinations, you’ll schedule a final appointment to pick up your sealed envelope containing the completed I-693 form, along with a copy for your records.

Required Documentation
Please bring valid government-issued identification, vaccination records, and any past medical records available. Accepted forms of ID include passports, visas, driver’s licenses without “Not Valid for Identification” markings, and USA Employment Authorization Cards.

Required Vaccines
Vaccinations vary by age and medical history, but generally include Tdap, Hepatitis B, MMR, varicella, Covid-19, and seasonal influenza vaccines. Additional vaccines may be necessary for adults 65 and older or those with chronic health conditions.

Lost Vaccine Records
Extra blood tests can check immunity against certain diseases. For other vaccines, one dose will be administered if no documentation is available. We can assist in retrieving Utah immunization registry records.

Non-English Records
We can interpret records in Spanish or Portuguese. Other languages require certified translations.

Getting Vaccines
Vaccinations can be obtained at pharmacies with insurance coverage. Without insurance, vaccines can be obtained at your own expense.

Vaccination Objections
A USCIS vaccine waiver is required if objecting to vaccination. Completing the medical exam is possible, but USCIS approval for the waiver is needed.

Required Lab Tests
USCIS mandates tuberculosis, syphilis, and gonorrhea testing for specific age groups.
Scheduling Appointments
Call or text 317-207-0140 to schedule an appointment. Please provide 24-hour notice for cancellations to avoid a $100 no-show fee.

Completion Timeline
The process typically takes one week for normal results and completed vaccinations. Longer timelines may be necessary for abnormal results or additional vaccinations.

Vaccination Review Only
Specify this at appointment booking. The fee for vaccination record review is $150, covering only Parts 1-5 and Part 10 of the I-693 form.
By providing comprehensive guidance and support throughout the immigration medical exam process, we aim to streamline the journey toward achieving your immigration goals.

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