Immunization: Primary Care for Your Child

Immunization: Primary care for your child

Medical science has advanced and come a long way in ensuring a healthier life. Not just in terms of treatment but the preventive measures have also proved to be great achievements. The process of immunization begins in early childhood to help kids fight off nasty viruses and bacteria. Pediatric care is a collective effort of […]

Childhood Illnesses: Symptoms, Prevention, And The Need For a Doctor

Childhood illnesses Symptoms, prevention, and the need for a doctor

As parents, knowing about childhood illnesses is quintessential as it helps you ensure your child is healthy, and safe, and receives medical attention on time. Usually, every kid suffers from childhood illnesses at some point during their childhood. Sometimes it is the carefree nature of kids and sometimes the environment around them may lead to […]

Prioritizing Children’s Mental Health At Sunshine Pediatrics.

Prioritizing Children's Mental Health Support at Sunshine Pediatrics

Prioritizing a Children’s Mental Health is of paramount importance, it requires a collective and a coordinated effort between the parents or caregivers, the primary health provider and the system. The aim at providing an effective outcome can only be achieved primarily by addressing the root cause. Children who feel well supported tend to reach their […]

Why Well Child Visits Matter at Every Stage of Development.

Why Well Child Visits Matter at Every Stage of Development.

What Is a Well Child Visit? Well child visits are very important in the growing years of every child. They are annual health checks that start from birth and go on till a child reaches adulthood at the age of 21. Depending on the child’s age these visits are scheduled every few weeks or months […]